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Parish Committees and Ministries

At Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church we are committed to providing a vibrant parish that nourishes our parishioners minds and souls in support and spread of the gospel. We look for opportunities to grow in faith and fellowship with each other offering many ways for our parishioners to get involved in parish life and to know where to reach out for support when needed. We go in peace to love and serve the Lord and one another.

I Liturgical Ministries

Altar Care Services
Altar Care Team is responsible for care for all altars and linens during the different liturgical seasons throughout the church year. Making sure all linens and items are kept in their rightful place within the sanctuary and sacristy.
Adella Kowalski lead

Altar Servers
Altar Servers are responsible for assisting the priest and deacon at all of our Sunday liturgies, Holy Days, and special Masses/celebrations throughout the year. If you have made your First Holy Communion and wish to serve the priests at Mass please call 908-637-4269.
Raegan & Stacy Davies leads

Church Decorating Committee
The altar should properly be adorned for each season of the year; Advent, Christmas, Ordinary time, Lent, and Easter. They beautify the altar without distracting from the central focus of the Mass. They decorate the altar for all seasons and special occasions.
MaryAnn Boatman lead

Eucharistic Ministers
Eucharistic Ministers require pastor and diocesan approval, and must be in good standing with the church. They must be at least 16 years of age, received confirmation, and have a strong faith and respect for the Eucharist. Eucharistic Ministers must be positive examples in their Christian life. Eucharistic ministers are commissioned for 3 year periods. They check to make sure other ministers are there when signing in. Assist the priest and deacon in distributing the Eucharist at Mass, at Forest Manor, or when visiting the sick or homebound. They make sure everything is in place and ready for Mass; the wine crucibles, hosts, etc. If you are interested in becoming an Eucharistic Minister please call 908-637-4269.
Les Baranowski lead

Flower Arrangement Committee
Making sure that there are flower arrangements on the Main Altar for the weekend Masses and other special occasions. They buy and arrange the flowers and clean the vases from prior weeks use.
Czesia Hader lead

Forest Manor
Bring communion to the local nursing home. If you are one of our Eucharistic Ministers and wish to serve our elderly population by visiting Forest Manor and bringing Holy Communion please call 908-637-4269.
Corinne & Ray Fischer leads

Ushers are the gate keepers for the church. An usher can be one of the most valuable public relations representative in the church. No one comes in personal contact with as many people. Ultimately, the ushers "Christ-like" manner and attitude will be a soul-winning aide.
Tony Russack lead

Lectors require Pastor approval and must be in good standing with the church. They read announcements before Mass and proclaim the first reading, responsorial psalm, second reading, and petitions. Sometimes lectors read letters from our Bishop. We could always use good readers (Lectors) for all of our Masses. If you wish to volunteer and be put on our rotating schedule or just be a substitute please call 908-637-4269.
Walt Horzepa lead

Liturgy Team
This requires attendance of the ministry leads for periodic and seasonal meetings to plan the various liturgies. This includes; Pastor, Vicar, Deacon, leads for: Eucharistic Ministers, Lector, Altar Servers, Church Decorating, Music, Religious Ed, RCIA, and other planners.
Deacon Stephen Gunther lead

Music Ministry
To encourage participation for all the Masses so as to enhance the beauty of each liturgy through music. This ministry is involved in both children and adult choirs and covers all Masses throughout the year.
Kevin McCann lead

Sacramental Set Up
This ministry is responsible for overseeing the set up for Baptisms, funerals, and weddings. They would set out all the necessary items needed for that particular ceremony and clean up when the ceremony is finished.
Leader Needed

II Formation and Faith Education Ministries

Adult Formation
This ministry's goal is to encourage our parishioners to learn about their Catholic faith. Bible studies and relevant talks are scheduled on an on-going basis.
MaryAnn Boatman lead

Baptismal Prep
This ministry is responsible for teaching a 30 minute Baptismal Prep class once a month, or as needed, to parents and Godparents. If you are considering Baptizing your child here at our church you must attend at least 1 Baptismal Prep class. Baptisms are usually done on Saturday mornings at 11am. Classes must be attended before the Baptism. Call 908-637-4269 to register for the class.
Marilyn Gorski lead

Religious Education Program
The function of Ss. Peter & Paul’s Religious Education Program is to reinforce the instruction and beliefs of our Church which are being taught at home. We provide a Roman Catholic religious education to the children of our parish, grades Kindergarten through 8. We teach the doctrine of our Catholic Church utilizing Diocesan programs. Our Catechists share their own faith commitment as well as their knowledge, always mindful of our Catholic traditions. Classes take place every Sunday morning, September through early May. To sign up your child for classes please call 908-637-4269.
Diane Francis lead

RCIA - (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)
RCIA is a journey of conversion, a process by which those who are unbaptized, baptized into another faith denomination, or baptized Catholic but have not received Eucharist or Confirmation can enter fully into the Catholic Church. It is primarily for adults but can be adapted for children of catechetical age (over the age of 7). If you would like to become Catholic or make up some missing sacraments please call 908-637-4269.
Marilyn Gorski lead

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a key way for churches to minister to their community, and not just to the kids, but to the parents as well. VBS isn’t just summer Sunday school. It can be a way to welcome "unchurched" families to join our parish family or keep our little ones spiritually active on summer break. It should make Jesus real to kids. VBS should be fun! It should be a week filled with playtime and spiritual teaching. VBS is also an opportunity to engage young adults in service. This will keep them connected to their church. We can give key VBS roles to young adults and college kids from our parish.
Leader Needed

III Parish and Community Service Ministries

Angel Cooks
(Elderly Assistance /Sick and Homebound)
This is open to anyone who likes to cook. Fellow parishioners who may be sick or caring for a loved one who needs a little break once in a while; that’s where Angel Cooks come in. A schedule is set up where a nutritional meal can be delivered or picked up two or three times a week until the family is back on their feet. If you are a family in need of this serve provided here at our church please call 908-637-4269.
Leader needed

Buildings and Maintenance Committee
Building and Maintenance team is responsible for coordinating the various building and maintenance requirements of the parish in order to maintain our site in accordance with diocesan guidelines.
Leader Needed

Food Card Ministry
Purchase enough food cards to sell after every Mass. Check with our secretary to see if Food Cards are needed and make sure there is someone after every Mass selling the cards. We have Shop Rite certificates on sale after every Mass on the weekends.
Leader Needed

Grounds Committee
Ensure that the grounds of the church are maintained in a beautiful and tranquil way so people sense the peace of Christ as soon as they enter the property.
Leader needed

Money Counters
Ensure that the money is counted, documented, and brought to the bank immediately. We could always use new members; call 908-637-4269.

Outreach Ministry
To minister to the needs of the hungry, the homeless, the elderly, the abused, and the children in our parish and local community. If you are in need please call 908-637-4269, all calls are kept confidential.
Lisa French lead

Pro-Life Ministry
Promote and encourage the sanctity of life from conception to natural death by establishing Ss. Peter & Paul Church as an active Pro Life parish. Educate parishioners on Pro Life current topics.
Gail McMahon lead

Rosary Makers Group
Assemble rosaries that are sent around the world. We meet every first Sunday of the month from October to May in our Parish Hall from 8:30am - 12 noon. No skills necessary. All are welcome.
Gail McMahon lead

Rosary Societies
Educate and promote a devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Rosary is prayed every third Wednesday of the month in the side chapel at 6:30pm followed by a short meeting. Anyone can come and pray the Rosary. The Polish Rosary is prayed every first Friday of the month at 7pm. Both Rosary Groups welcome new members.
Marie Krsulic (English) lead
Czesia Hader (Polish) lead

Walking Pilgrimages
Walking Pilgrimages are a form of prayer. We plan and coordinate the one-day walking pilgrimage. It is usually held the Saturday of Corpus Christi. We also plan and coordinate the 4-day walking pilgrimage. This is held in early August. You can find more indepth information on www.walkingpilgrimage.us
John Prusak lead
Marek Szczeblewski lead
Eileen Wyss lead

Web Site Design
Periodically update the parish website design to reflect the activities of our parish and how people can get information and get involved in parish life.
Kate Tibak lead

Youth Ministry
This is open to all students in grades 8 through 12. As a baptized member of the Church, Jesus Christ calls you to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in the world today. You can make a difference! The goal is for adolescents to gather on a regular basis to pray together, share and discuss our Catholic faith and join together for social outreach projects, Catholic Youth Conferences, Youth Mass- Steubenville, OH, as well as socializing and having fun.
Leader Needed